Bacon Chupa Chups with "Otto Mesi" red wine

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Otto mesi - LE VOLPI

Name: Otto Mesi
Year: 2012
Alcohol: 13,5 % vol.
Size: 750 ml e
Grape varieties: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc
Vineyard management: organic
Glass: young red wines
Analytical data (avg.): alcohol 13,5%, sugars 3 g/l,
                                  total acidity 4,9 g/l

Our review

This is a red wine, made from Cabernet Franc Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on Mount Rusta (396 m) and Mount Peraro (375 m), in the heart of the Euganean Hills, where are placed "Le Volpi" wineyard.
After fermentation and aging in steel tanks for approximately eight months, the wine has a vivid ruby red colour and a tightly knit texture.
The nose offers scents of red berries and clear notes of cherry and strawberry preserves. In the mouth, it is balanced and clean, while the aroma has fruity notes and the aftertaste is pleasantly grassy, full flavoured and lingering

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Our recipe: Bacon CHUPA CHUPS (HERE the italian version)

Ingredients (4 person): 

  • 100 gr. of bacon (round slices)
  • 200 gr. of mushrooms
  • 10 chestnuts (you can buy in bulk at the supermarket)
  • Breadsticks
  • Salt, pepper


The realization of this recipe is very simple: the Chupa Chups consist of crispy bacon filled with a "mousse" of mushrooms and chestnuts, all on a breadstick . 
Wash the mushrooms, dry them and put them in a blender (food processor, mixer, what you have) with salt, pepper and boiled chestnuts: mix until you obtain a semi-liquid compound, and then pour it the pan. You can help yourself with a spoon.
Cook until all the water contained in mushrooms dries off, for about 10 minutes (depending on the heat of the pan, taste it before removing from the stove!). 

Proceed now to the preparation of Chupa Chups of bacon: grab a slice of bacon, then with the hand create a small ball of mixture of mushrooms and chestnuts and put in the center of the slice of bacon.
Close it all up to create a sort of meatball. 
Go on, in order to prepare all Chupa Chups, then, in a hot pan, cook all of them for 4 minutes until the bacon becomes crispy (be careful not to burn it!). 

Remove from the pan the bacon balls, place them on a plate with blotting paper 
and insert one breadstick in each meatball: serve hot with a good glass of "Otto mesi" red wine.

Buon appetito!!

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